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Welcome to Lauren Alexander Lifestyle! I am so happy to have you here! I'm a wife, mom & avid dog lover, agility enthusiast and certified dog trainer!

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My Story...

My name is Lauren Alexander and I'm the owner of Lauren Alexander Lifestyle. I've always had an active lifestyle while growing up. I was involved in Figure Skating, Dance, Swimming, & Basketball. During high school I was on the Swim Team, as well as a cheerleader. Unfortunately, I had an accident while cheerleading and blew out several ligaments in my left knee. This created a series of events and struggles that have gotten me where I am today. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries: Two Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstructions (MPFL), and Chondromalacia Surgery. For several years I was very inactive. Struggling with life after multiple surgeries and essentially learning how to bend my knee correctly again. My health and overall fitness went on the backburner for many years. It wasn’t until I was engaged, that I opted to change my fitness lifestyle and joined Orange Theory. While that program worked, I focused on a very unhealthy lifestyle where the scale was my primary focus and undereating in a major caloric deficit. The scale may have read a number I was happy with, but I was tired, hungry, and unhappy. 

During this time I was working towards my CPDT-KA, dog trainer certification. My husband and I opened Kayenna Training Academy, in 
Calgary and embarked on my dream business. (Est. 2016)

Shortly after our wedding I became pregnant with our first child. While the pregnancy was perfect in every way, and I only gained about 20 pounds the entire pregnancy, the delivery ended up in an Emergency C-Section. Breastfeeding was a struggle, and I was placed on Domperidone. This made me gain another 10 pounds. Mom life and business life took over the next few years and with the pandemic in full affect there was no gyms to access I became very unhappy with my body and lifestyle. I resorted back to eating on an extreme caloric deficit with no exercise to try and lose the baby weight. In 2020 I was pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy, I didn’t take care of myself like I did previously, and the weight started to pile on. With a high risk pregancy, planned c-section, a pandemic and a toddler, my fitness became less and less of a priority and less clothes were fitting. I became depressed and unhappy with my body. 

Fast forward to July 2021 – The beginning of a new me. 
I hit rock bottom - My clothes weren't fitting. I was tired all the time and I felt I wasnt giving my family or my dogs the best version of me. I finally decided to make myself a priority. I slowly started learning about how to fuel my body with food, attending my local gym and doing slow introductions to the workout machines, I was eating more and the learning the correct ways to exercise, which led me to a passion for fitness. I've found pride in coaching my friends and family with the knowledge I've learnt and being a support system to those I love most. I started a 
Tik Tok account to document my journey and be proud of my changes. It was hard work and I am still working daily on a even better version of myself. 

My goal is to support and inspire the moms,  dog enthusiasts and anyone interested in getting healthier from around the globe, who don’t know where to get started or are overwhelmed. I''ll be sharing my favorite purchases, my tried list of favorites, dog agility journey, family activities and so much more! We all need to start somewhere, and I’m here for you! I’ll be there every step of your journey! 

I have since completed the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer examination and am currently working towards the National Testing Certification for Personal Trainers. 

Additional Education:
ISSA Nutritionist
ISSA Strenght & Conditioning
ISSA Online Coaching Certification

XOXO - Lauren 

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